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Planning small medium enterprise networks

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The final result of this project is a set of innovative software tools aimed at supporting co-operative planning in networks of autonomous small-medium enterprises (SMEs). PLENT project has defined a specific type of network architecture, it has formalised and rationalised information flows between network subjects; it has introduced an important support for planning network activities. This product introduces some innovative concepts as the Network Operational Schema (NOS) in order to manage all manufacturing and transfer phase requested for a network product, or the capacity declarations to formalise a node availability to perform a certain phase. In general, we can say that PLENT software is a complex product, that manages all the main aspects related to a network of small-medium enterprises: interactions with customers, distribution of the requested manufacturing phase among the network nodes, execution of these phases by the single node, delivery of the final products directly to customer. Other innovative aspects of PLENT product are: the message flow management that simplify and rationalise information flows between network subjects. All the networks involved in the PLENT project are now testing the final product. The Italian network is composed by Axial Pump, Oil Control and SOM, which operate in the field of oleo-dynamic and mechanic components and concur to produce a compact transmission device to drive wheels or track, called "Motoruota". The Spanish network is constituted by three machine-tools that produce special machine and transfer lines, oriented to a large series of pieces. The co-ordination company for the Hungarian network is the VH Investment Co. Its main field of activity is the financing of oil seed growing on plantations, seed-oil production and their trade. The Greek experiment takes place addressing the needs of a virtual scheme that runs with the responsibility of Helen's Club, a Greek enterprise working in the sector of textile.