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The purpose of the proposed project is to improve the business processes so that the participants would be able to generate growth in terms of market share and employment, improve return on investment and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of entrepreneurial operations.

All this is going to be explored, for the purposes of this project, through the creation of the relevant infrastructure, in order to achieve the electronic edition of a daily newspaper.

The above mentioned purposes need the exploration of two basic parameters:
the first is to identify the needs for the collaboration of the newspaper with its readers and to finally become more friendly
the second is to explore the possibilities and needs deriving from a closer collaboration with the newspaper's main clients, that is the advertising agencies and to examine all the opportunities that could become of mutual benefits.

The philosophy under which all the above mentioned are going to be explored is the realisation of a "tailor-made" provision of services.

All the involved parties have clearly defined tasks as they come from different entrepreneurial areas, so that all the aspects of the proposed work are sufficiently covered.

From the realisation of the proposed work, more aspects could derive, that would not be explored during this definition phase and that would be the task of a full project.

Funding Scheme

EST - Marie Curie actions-Early-stage Training


Ch.K. Tegopoulos Sa
Str. Minoos 10-16
11743 N. Kosmos

Participants (4)

United Kingdom
Northampton Square
EC1V0HB London
Syngou Avenue 350
17674 Athens
Synergon SA International Consulting Group
Eleftherotypia Building, Minoos Str 10-16
11743 Athens
Systematic Upgrade
United Kingdom
3Rd Floor, Maple House High Street
EN6 5BD Potters Bar