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Core business reengineering on riche architecture


The COBRA project sets out to demonstrate the success of the RICHE architecture and systems in supporting business redevelopment and re-engineered processes. The main objectives are to:

- Prove that the application of re-engineered business process with supporting client/server systems delivers business benefits in health care, and that it is applicable to other similar forms of industry to improve business performance.
- Demonstrate how the technology is applied to support and enable the re-engineering of core business processes.
- Show how the RICHE architecture and technology can be used to deliver improved services and better performance in a hospital multi-disciplinary workgroup environment.

Specific objectives for the hospital during this projects are to:
- reorganise the way the hospital conducts its business;
- treat more patients (60% more) on a day case basis over the next 3 years;
- provide a much more efficient and effective service for patients;
- better support the operational needs of health care professionals.

Approach to the Work
West Middlesex University Hospital is a major London hospital will provide both project management skills to manage and direct the project as well the commitment of senior hospital management and clinical staff to the success of this project. WMUH will subcontract ATA to provide the necessary BRP skills and resources to guide the re-engineering activities and co-ordinate this activity with the systems development work. Irish Medical Systems has primary responsibility for the development and implementation of the supporting software technologies. The main phases of project activity will be:
- BPR analysis and Redesign
- Supporting Technology requirements definition and development
- Pilot operation
- Implementation of new processes and technology

A comprehensive organisational change management programme will underpin all the phases covering communications (internal and external), human resource planning, and training needs definition.

Expected Impact
The impact expected at the hospital includes a change in the traditional organisation structure, improved communications throughout the organisation in respect of it's core business, improving and supporting professional contact with the client/patient, reduced duplication of effort and improved data accuracy and timeliness through technology integration.

The results of the project will be published in appropriate Health Care and Business Journals, through the Institute of Business Process Re-engineering, via contacts with Group RICHE and other organisations and through a commitment by WMUH to show the project results to visitors from the European Community by means of demonstration and presentation.

Funding Scheme

EST - Marie Curie actions-Early-stage Training


Irish Medical Systems
Clara House, Glenageary Park

Participants (1)

West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust
United Kingdom
Twickenham Road
TW7 6AF Isleworth