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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Network of excellence in evolutionary computing


The objectives of EvoNet are: to consolidate and coordinate basic and applied research on evolutionary computing in the European Union, to explore the evolutionary paradigm and its relation to other fields in order to specify better solutions to real world complex problems, to exploit industrial applications of evolutionary computing and to facilitate the transfer of technology from academic institutions and research organizations to industry.

The field of evolutionary computing encompasses algorithms based on the biological process of natural selection and their use for search and optimisation. The principal classes of algorithm are: evolution strategies, genetic algorithms, classifier systems, parallel evolutionary algorithms and genetic programming. Evolutionary algorithms are used, often in conjunction with other biologically inspired algorithms which model learning and behaviour, to simulate living systems and engineer artificial ones. Their main areas of application are problems of optimisation, design, routing and scheduling. These are particularly significant in the aerospace, automotive, telecommunications and chemical engineering industries.

To achieve the objectives requires effective and coherent communication and exchange of information between all those involved in the field, effective liaison between academia and industry and co-ordination of research and training. This will be achieved through the co-operation of the significant number of internationally renowned academic and industrial research groups working in the field and the foremost companies in the relevant industrial sectors in Europe.

Support will be provided for the setting up and administration of the human and electronic communication systems for a Network of Excellence. Regular Europe-wide meetings between those involved in the field on strategic planning and research co-ordination, human resource planning, infrastructure planning and the co-ordination of academic and industrial effort will be supported. Support will also be provided in the form of both paper and electronic based information systems for all those engaged and interested in the field.

Evolutionary computing is one of the important emerging technologies of our times. Over the last ten years there has been exponential growth of research activity in the field and European research groups are among the key players in the world. Companies in important sectors of industry in the European Union are experimenting with the application of this technology. In order to reap the benefits in the future communication and co-operation between all those involved in this activity in Europe will be supported by EvoNet.

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