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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Parallel scalable computers for high performance


The project intends to develop a high-performance parallel processing system and associated tools which can function as a fully integrated component in an enterprise system.

The consortium will build two application systems: one for control and one for information management. Emerging standards both in software and hardware will be exploited to investigate the design and implementation of fully featured CORBA-compliant software based on SCI and a multiprocessor operating system kernel. The work will determine the scalability of systems using a combination of shared-memory multi-processors, where medium CPU performance, high data transfer rate and low latency is required, and SCI-connected shared-memory multi-processors, where the CPU power and data bandwidth has to be increased by an order of magnitude. The goal is to define a software approach that produces portable and scalable software applicable to the above hardware configurations. It is intended to produce a hardware platform scalable from a few to several thousand processors. It is expected to use the system in the following applications: concurrent engineering, simulation, control systems, high-performance data warehouses and molecular databases.

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