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Improvement of software design phase using object oriented case tool prosa/om


ICL Edacom is currently moving towards a new Windows based system platform and Prosa/om is selected to support this wide-range project. The baseline project concerns the customer-specific retail applications to be developed in customer projects and internal development of customer-independent basic components.

The objective of the PIE is to improve communication between designers in a geographically distributed environment and to increase quality, maintainability and reusability of the retails systems.

The PIE approach as a whole is interesting because of its wide nature, utilisation of pre-PIE experiences, many different application areas and geographical and organisational distribution of participating designers.


The PIE object is using Prosa/om in developing a new retail system version for Windows environment. Prosa/om CASE environment is used to model and implement applications with OOA/OOD modelling editor, C/C++ and SQL code generators and to document design with concurrent document manager.

The objective requires especially improvement of design practices, a common well-known method is needed. The PIE includes Prosa/om training, usage in development work and third party assessment in the beginning and in the end of the PIE.

The PIE concerns approximately 20 of the total of 100 software developers.


The most important benefit is statement of uniform formal rules and practices to the software design phase. The project will create company-standard guidelines that make it easier to understand and utilise the OOA/OOD method and the tool in our environment. This will facilitate communication between designers in four geographically separated offices. Prosa/om as a common method and tool for the design phase will strengthen the overall co-operation abilities. The results of the PIE will be used and/or disseminated in ICL Edacom, in its affiliated company in Great Britain, in ICL Data and in Finnish ADP Association.

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