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Improving software quality using case methods


After completion of this project, KNAPP must be able to handle further projects faster, more efficiently, with higher quality, and to lower maintenance expenditure in the future. The main objectives for this experiment are to improve the design and source code quality, to reduce development costs in terms of reusability, to improve technical software documentation, to make a better estimation of expenditure and deadlines and to improve the motivation of the staff members. KNAPP use object-oriented metrics to quantify this targets.

The experience gained from object-oriented (OO) methods, the experience made with an OO-Case tool, the definition and improvement of the software process and the data gained from the metrics are of great relevance for a wider audience.


The following steps define the experiment to achieve the objectives above:

- Selecting OO-methods for analysis and design (Use cases, OMT, Booch)
- Evaluating and introducing an OO-CASE tool
- Selecting an OO-Metric tool
- Integrate our CMVC-Tool with the CASE tool
- Training three developers
- Iterative improvement of synthesis of methods in the context of the baseline project
- Defining a standard for software documentation
- Application of OO-methods and tools

The targets of the underlying baseline project are to redesign and implement the control software based on a Client/Server concept, the redesign of a warehouse management system and the integration of the warehouse management system with the control software.

KNAPP employs 286 people, the software development has 10 people, 3 of them are involved in this project.


KNAPP expects to gain know-how on object-oriented project management, on object-oriented analysis, design, testing and on C++. In the future KNAPP wants to develop software with uniform processes and methods for both departments.

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