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Implementation of a central repository to support effective configuration management


This ESSI Process Improvement Experiment (PIE) is aimed at improving the current Space Software Italy's (SSI) Configuration Management (CM) practices with the support of the CCC/Harvest tool during an industrial software development project.
As a direct result of the experiment, SSI expects to see benefits on the following aspects:
- Increase its productivity reducing costs of Configuration Management (CM) activities
- Reduce the risks related to the change process
- Provide a valid support for the developers in managing Software units and documentation during the software life cycle
- Implement a centralised repository for Software and related documentation facilitating software reusability policies


The pilot project (the estimated software size is 75K DSI) is related to the development of a ground segment for the handling and control of a telecommunication satellite providing connections between fixed ground stationing and mobile ones (i.e. ships, trucks). The selection of a ground Software system as the baseline for the experiment, represents an environment particularly significant; this is envisaged not only by SSI but also by all firms involved in the development of this kind of systems, which all may get benefits from the achieved results.
The PIE major activities are the following:
- A first assessment of the CM process to define a detailed improvement plan
- Definition, implementation and refinement of models related to the relevant states of the documentation, software and problem management life cycle
- Definition of a central repository
- A final assessment of the CM process to evaluate the achieved results

Assessments are performed using the SPICE methodology.


At the completion of the experiment, it is expected to achieve a measurable positive impact by proper application of the CCC/Harvest tool.
In particular, SSI expects to:
- Simplify S/W management
- Automate error-prone activities (i.e. migration of changes)
- Improve the software problem reports management
- Optimise the utilisation of resources (i.e. CM tool tracks and manages the multiple versions of an application without duplication of storage)
- Reduce the risk of having a wrong configuration management
- Increase productivity and quality

An important goal to be reached is to provide a common interface that could be used by all people involved in the development, maintenance, and support process. This common interface would minimise training time and streamline support activities, thereby increasing productivity.


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