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Amplified process performance layout


VERILOG is currently running an Improvement Program, of which objective is to progress towards CMM level 2 (Repeatable) and level 3 (Defined). The APPLY PIE is the masterpiece of the second phase of this program, consisting in implementing the guidelines which have been defined during the first phase.

As supplier of Software Engineering methods and tools, VERILOG has to be a model for its customers. It is expected from APPLY:

- a leverage for internal improvements with respect to: project estimating, planning and tracking, techniques to define the right product and to manage and validate the resulting developments;
- but also commercial leverage: stronger credibility, better products and improved consulting expertise on Process Improvement for application on customers organisations.


The APPLY project consists of:

1) The definition of a Project Control Panel capturing metrics on process performance, quality of the final product and on the APPLY project itself (human aspects). This part of the project is done with the help of an external consulting organisation.
2) The monitored introduction of new procedures, methods and tools covering several Key Process Areas into the baseline project. These procedures are coming from the global Improvement Program done in collaboration with the mother company (Compagnie des Signaux). Training and support to the baseline project is given.
3) Analysis of results to validate experimented procedures and prepare internal and external replication. Qualitative and quantitative benefits will be compared with previous ones. Achievements will be checked against self evaluation findings.

The baseline project is part of the VERILOG core business. It is a commercial release of a CASE product. The project starts in 96 and the commercial release is scheduled for Autumn 97. The approximate size of the project is 10 men*years.

VERILOG employs 82 people, 44 of them working on purely technical aspects; 12 of them are involved in the team carrying out the baseline project.


The expected benefits are both internal and external:

- Internal benefits: implementation and validation of guidelines for software product development, higher motivation of the development teams thanks to clearly defined procedures, rules, and objectives, production of some materials and new expertise acquisition that can be reused for the VERILOG technology dissemination.
- Business and commercial benefits: projects in time and budget, time to market, mastered requirement changes during project development, products more fitted to customer expectations in terms of provided features and reliability.
- Benefits for customers: higher-level quality product, project on time, improved VERILOG skills for a better introduction of our technology.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


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