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Repro- reuse process and organisation improvement experiment


Provida is a SME currently being evaluated as a vendor in a number of international markets, including Europe, South America and Australia. In order to stay competitive, we must offer flexible and modularised systems at short notice. The key factor for Provida in meeting this challenge is to reduce time-to-market by introduction of organised reuse. Organised reuse will increase productivity in our development process, which in turn will have a major impact on the competitive situation for Provida - especially in new markets.
Hence, our objectives with REPRO are to implement development procedures and roles focusing on reuse, to build libraries of reusable components and hence, improve quality, increase productivity and reduce time-to-market.


The Experiment will introduce organised reuse in our development process, focusing on the following key reuse areas:
1. Organisation and Project management
2. Development for, respectively with reuse
3. Repository management
4. Metrics and measurements
To do this, we have identified certain improvement steps; To introduce specific organisational roles, responsible for reuse, such as Domain expert, Repository Manager, Component co-ordinator, Component expert, and Reuse co-ordinator. To introduce a new tool for Repository. To improve and document our development procedures in Process Engineer. To use metrics and measurements, in order to show the cost-benefit of the above mentioned improvement steps.
The project will be focused around a technical upgrade of the loan and card modules in ProRetail. ProRetail is a retail banking system running on an MVS mainframe with CICS and DB/2. The upgrade has two major objectives; to reuse the functionality of the existing older version, and to reuse the core functionality of the already upgraded parts of ProRetail (in particular the deposits system - ProDeposits). The project has a budget of 3-4 mill. ECU.


We anticipate that the REPRO experiment will lead to a defined reuse maturity level for the organisation, where the projects deliver results according to long-term product plans, and not only to satisfy one single customer. This again, will lead to a more stabile core of the ProRetail system. It is anticipated that this core will continue to grow and include functionality from future customers, making a delivery more a matter of configuring the right system.
When incorporating these standards, we will create systems quicker with reduced development costs, thus making us more competitive. We anticipate this will lead to more contracts with potentially higher profit margins.

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