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Stores controller and object oriented programming


Due to recent innovations in the area of object oriented design methodologies and tools it is necessary to assess how the software development process within the company should be modified to maximise the benefits of these new technologies/tools. In particular the objectives of SCOOP are to identify clearly tools and software process changes required to increase code re-use (and consequently decrease maintenance costs), improve productivity and provide a robust environment to ensure the continued success of the companies products into the future.


The experiment will examine existing OO methodologies, choose one, then access and choose software development tools incorporating the chosen methodology. The nucleus of the experiment will be the redevelopment of an existing module using the selected OO methodology/tools. Following this development an assessment will be made on the impact of object orientation on ESBI Computing's existing software development process.


ESBIC expects to gain experience in object oriented design methodologies and tools. It hopes to establish an environment within which it can take advantage of code reuse and ensure the continued success of its products.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Esbi Computing Ltd
St. Stephen's Green 18-21
Dublin 2