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The introduction of an automated document management system to implement recognised documentation practices in the software process


Datacare is a growing organisation. Due to continued and expected growth Datacare had to seriously consider process improvement. In order to obtain world class leadership in the niche market which Datacare's Software products are aimed at, and be known world wide as a leading software development establishment, Datacare need to strive for Quality Accreditation.
Datacare aim to do this by focusing improvements on key areas in the software process.
The objective of the project is to introduce a document and configuration management system to the software process. Documentation will be structured with flow control by the automated system.


The achievement of the objective above requires the improvement of Configuration Management and Change Control practices as follows :

1 Configuration management using Visual SourceSafe, baseline management, identification and control of configuration items and reusable components.
2 Change Control management using the automated document management system (Lotus Notes environment) - controlling changes to configuration items via a series of documentation which maps the source of change and flow of action taken.
3 Quality System documentation controlled using Q-SYS (Lotus Notes environment). In-built review and control of quality system documentation.

Points 1 and 2 above are essential to Datacare in the control and management of their product releases and also in the control of localisation of the product for different markets. Point 3 above, will allow Datacare to control quality system documentation which governs the procedures used for configuration management, change control etc. in an automated environment.

The Baseline project for the experiment will be the development of a multi-lingual version of the Company Secretarial product.

Datacare employs 19 people, 6 people being involved in the Company Secretarial team.


Datacare expect to implement configuration management practices in accordance with what is required by ISO 9001. Procedures, standards and documentation will be introduced in order to provide clarity and control of configuration items. The structured documentation management system will be in place, and Datacare see it being expanded to cover other key areas in the software process, under future process improvements after the completion of this PIE. This PIE will introduce further culture changes among staff so that there will be a common understanding of the software process and thus, better communication. Skill levels of staff will be increased and this PIE will bring Datacare towards quality accreditation and improved attractiveness to potential European partners.


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