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The objective is to produce tools for efficient production of reliable software.

Within the Esprit BRA projects "Logical Frameworks" and "Types for Proofs and Programs", several proof system based on type theory have been implemented. They have been used on a number of fairly large examples, ranging from pure mathematics to program development. We will continue this work by further developing the systems and their applications.

The main activities of the working group will be

- one major workshop every year, with a collection of selected, refereed papers published after the workshop.
- one or two small workshops per year on topics of special interest. These are to be attended by researchers working on the topic, and producing informal, un-refereed proceedings of work in progress,
- short visits between the sites by individual researchers,
- a summer school, open both to advanced students and industry.

We expect the workshops to have about 80 participants each and the smaller to have between 10 and 30 participants.

Some of the sites have joint projects with industry and one of the main task of the working group is to form a basis for more extended co-operation with industry.

The working group is concerned with computer assisted development of proofs and programs.

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Chalmers University of Technology
Industrial liaison and dev. office, chalmers science park
41288 Gothenburg

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