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High performance protocol architecture


HIPPARCH aims at investigating novel architectures for high performance communication protocols based on the Application Level Framing (ALF) and Integrated Layer Processing (ILP) concepts \cite{alf}.
The expected main results are:

- A protocol compiler to be made available to partners, other research groups, and industry.
- Specific control algorithms for unicast, multicast and "network conscious applications"' mixing real-time and non real-time convential data transfers.
- An execution environment which supports real-time protocol implementations.

A relevant multimedia application consisting of architecturally enhanced WWW client and server will be developed to demonstrate the project results. The application will show the viability of the compiler and the performance of the adaptive protocols and control algorithms. The application and the protocols will be used over heterogeneous high speed, mobile and wireless networks.

The project results will be distributed to and actively discussed with standardisation bodies by project members or supporting industry participants for future standard protocols and architectures.
In a nutshell, ALF states that applications should organise the data they are sending as a sequence of autonomous ``frames'', which will be at the same time the unit of transmission, the unit of control and the unit of processing. This allows for efficient design of application specific protocols since each frame is self contained. It also enables the integration of layers, ILP, for more efficient processing. With ILP, the number of time consuming references to primary memory in modern fast processors can be reduced by integrating data manipulation functions into one or a few loops.

ALF will enable efficient design of application specific protocols for heterogeneous networks (like the Internet), integrating controls tuned to the applications needs and adaptation algorithms for the best utilisation of available network resources.

In the HIPPARCH LTR project we propose to extend the research initiated with HIPPARCH EC-AUS activity (where ALF based designed has been validated) to the broadest possible range of information services and applications. We will study the benefit of the ALF and ILP principles for the design of communication systems supporting multicast, mobility, and real-time media.

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