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Support for the automation of large scale business processes in evolving environments


This project will provide software support for large scale business process management. Commercially available process management software (such as workflow) has proven to be very efficient in limited contexts (eg. Insurance claims processing, order fulfillment,...) where it is industrially applied today, but lacks fundamental capabilities to manage very large scale business processes, such as those found in manufacturing and process industries. Computer-supported business process management can potentially have a tremendous impact on the economics of large scale business processes, provided that the supporting software masters the following fundamental aspects:
- very large number of ongoing activities (several thousands) that need to be coordinated
- processes that are highly dependent, not isolated cases
- a large number of application services that need to be accommodated, supported either by commercial software packages or tailor-made applications.
- changes in business requirements and underlying IT as a rule, not an exception
- processes that span organizational units and need support for distributed process management
- processes that accommodate complex multimedia information structures

The results of the SUPREME project - a comprehensive software platform to automate and manage processes of this kind - will be obtained by bringing together existing complementary technologies for:

- process modeling and automation
- integration of software packages in the context of distributed systems
- multimedia
- visualization of large information structures

The first two technologies are today available in commercial product offerings from two of the industrial partners - offerings that will be extended with results of this project. Multimedia is offered as bundled middleware from platform providers and will be used as is. Visualization with other process management functions is in our view a key factor to support large scale business processes, and constitutes the principal strength of our approach.

The project aims for short to medium term exploitation of the results and will therefore have strong focus on the usability of the technology to achieve quantified business goals. The project has chosen the organizational processes of nuclear power station maintenance as a case study and test bed for the kind of complex business processes that should typically be supported. It will revolve around the application of the results in two complementary contexts: a business process framework at the nuclear power plant in Oskarshamn (OKG AB), which builds on available results of a 2 years' BPR effort, and in a larger context to exploration with available support for power station maintenance at Electricité de France (EDF).

The consortium covers the necessary expertise: business process reengineering is covered by Cap Programator; business process automation and multimedia by Cap Gemini Innovation; visualization by the Linköping University and SINTEF; object-oriented integration technology by Taskon and SINTEF.

The project results have a very wide applicability across business sectors. Exploitation will include both service offerings and software products.


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