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European railways optimisation planning environment-transportation railways innovative optimisation


EuROPE is a project based on three systems:

- TRIS: Teleconferencing Railways Information System;
- TRIO: Transportation Railways Innovative Optimization
- TRIP: Transportation Railways Integrated Planning

The Europe project aims to develop a telematics and software system that provides the Railways with an integrated architecture, made of new development and demonstrator tools to help in easing the massive resource planning problems they face in continuation. The present project regards only the TRIO system. TRIS is developed in the Telematics Program and TRIP is selected in the Transport Program.

The task of planning railways transportation services traditionally represents a very burdensome and lengthy process. This task has very few comparable cases among enterprises, as it involves high-valued, large scale resources subject to many and diverse constraints. The results and impact on society are dramatic.

The TRIO system aims:
- to automate the traditional workflow processes of railway companies, in the field of timetable planning (i.e. "intelligent" trains timetable design and validation, maintenance resources, vehicles, crew, freight operations and energy);
- to implement advanced operations research and knowledge based decision support systems to optimize the railway resources;
- to assist the European Railways in their transformation towards productive and efficiently managed enterprises in line with Directive 91/440;
- To create a common basis for understanding and development among European railways, in line with the EU transportation market integration, via the study and standardization of common procedures and resources management, with particular emphasis on manpower planning and contractual harmonization schemes.

The TRIO benefits are:
- speed, efficient processing of timetables will enable railway companies to become more responsive to the needs of the market;
- the ability to make contingency planning at short notice;
- improved vehicles scheduling will ensure better back-up or increased production levels;
- better resource planning will lead to a reduction of operating costs;
- an improved business workflow and data interchange among users;
- increase in planners productivity and preserving know-how;
- enhanced integration of multimodal transport planning;
- harmonization of work practice and human resource management across the European transport sector.

TRIO acronym means also the balanced participation of: Users, IT Suppliers, Research centres.

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