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Implementation of a transnational strategic management information system


The project (MIDAS) is about development and pilot implementation of a extended strategic management information system for a transnational European manufacturing. The system will also open the way for common and transnational customer/supplier links using EDI. Our company has separate operating businesses in five European countries. A central company objective is to enable these businesses to function as a single European company in a single European market, developing integrated transnational systems to consolidate the benefits of a single market, systems that take into account the uniquie diversity and complexity of culture, language and established business practice across Europe's frontiers.

The model will allow a transnational customer to be given a single European bill of goods ordered and supplied from various plants in various countries and the reverse for suppliers. It will enable management to monitor a complex production and stocking operation across borders, significantly improving efficiency, reducing waste and saving energy.

MIDAS has three objectives:

- To unify a series of independent businesses located in several European countries by introducing common software in an integrated programme designed to embrace all major management functions, enabling CPE to trade as a single company in the Single Market.
- To provide the opportunity to view all major functions of the business, e.g. production performance, material usage, stock levels, finance, etc., in 'real time' even though the business is operating on a transnational basis.
- To lay the basis of a system of a Electronic Data Interchange, whereby orders, invoices and payments, in particular, can be made electronically in common format across national borders.

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