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Modular, scalable detection system for explosives, drugs and weapons in hand baggage and medium sized parcels


The improvement of internal security and security on travel by automatic or semi-automatic systems is a world-wide increasing demand. Systems currently on the market are limited to high-end applications with high throughput (1200 items per hour and more) and are ranging therefore in the upper price area. For hand baggage control systems placed in all airports, in harbours, custom control stations, mail rooms in security critical enterprises and other security relevant locations (more than 25000 world-wide) new modular and scaleable solutions are needed.

The FLEXSECURE project aims at the development of a modular, scaleable low-cost detection system for dangerous items in hand baggage and comparable parcels. It will be based on Off-the Shelf High-Performance Computing hardware, new and adapted algorithms for drug, explosives, and dangerous goods (e.g. weapons) detection and the next generation of X-ray scanning systems.

The mid-term result of this two year project will be a scaleable X-ray inspection system for different user-groups integrating standard embedded High Performance Computing hardware and application specific software modules, responding to user needs with respect to performance and cost effectiveness. Tests will be performed in one of the biggest European Airports.


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