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Comparison of heat transport physics in plasmas with and without internal transport barriers in the tokamak ASDEX Upgrade


The objectives of the project are to study the heat transport in fusion plasmas with and without internal transport barriers. This will be performed in the tokamak ASDEX Upgrade in steady-state and also using power modulation of the electron heating. First, heat transport in conventional scenarios (without transport barriers) with dominant ion heating will be addressed. This will extend the studies made so far in plasmas with dominant electron heating. Data analysis by power balance and interpretation of the heat pulse propagation will yield important results on the properties of electron transport with heated ions. Comparison with first-principle transport modelling is expected to improve the insight into the underlying transport physics. This basis should be used to investigate the more complicated case of plasmas with internal transport barriers.

The same techniques and similar analyses will be applied.

Modelling using the same physics basis in which turbulence is suppressed or reduced will be applied. From this consistent approach we expect to improve the picture of heat transport in such plasmas, which is essential for improving the prediction of the performance of a next step device such as ITER. In this project the applicant will acquire experience of working in a large group and in a complex experimental environment. The project has a multidisciplinary component giving the applicant the opportunity to address different aspects of plasma physics, contributing therefore to broadening of his knowledge and experience, He will be responsible for designing the dedicated experiments and for carrying out the analysis in collaboration with his colleagues. The host institution expects from the applicant a significant contribution on this important field of research. The applicant's present experience of data analysis, signal processing and transient transport will contribute to the investigations carried out in the host institution.

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