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Centre for advanced processing, technologies and materials for ceramic electro and electromechanical devices


The current proposal concerns promoting collaboration of our group for Electronic Ceramics within the Ceramics Department with research groups in Europe by facilitating exchange visits of graduate students and post-docs as well as senior-scientists which have been limited due to the absence of appropriate funding. Our research objectives cover the new ecologically acceptable relax or materials, new conductive complex oxides, morphologically defined piezoelectric nanopowders and nano-composites, ferroelectric thin films for electro-mechanical applications, integrated sensors, ceramic micro-electro-mechanical systems and materials for interconnects and packages for sensors. The results of this research will establish and strengthen collaborations that will continue after the cease of funding and will result in new proposals including also Slovene industry. One of the important aspects is education of younger scientists.

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39,jamova 39
1001 Ljubljana

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