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Institute of atomic physics and spectroscopy - centre of excellence for basic research in nanoscale physics and applications


The project "Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy - Centre of Excellence for Basic Research in Nanoscale Physics and Applications" is based on a long-term and recognized expertise and research in Atomic, Molecular, and Chemical physics, spectroscopy and applied research in optics, optoelectronics, laser and plasma technologies. Responding to recent political and economic challenges, to social needs in Latvia and to the EU enlargement process the Institute has worked to reach competence in bio-medical optics, atmospheric research, and sustainable technologies. It was possible due to variety of active links with advanced western centres after the fall of "iron curtain". The proposed project aims to take the opportunity of this call to create a long-term capacity for basic and applied research activities in the field by strengthening co-operation with colleagues in Western Europe within the emerging European Research Area.


19,Rainis Blvd. 19
1586 Riga