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Environmentally complying plastic components moulding and surface treatment technologies (CLEANPLAST)


Plastic components are being more and more used in the automotive sector since they represent a way for weight reduction, cost reduction and flexibility in design and manufacturing. Manufacturing and eliminating plastic components are processes with low environmental compatibility. The project objective is to develop design, manufacturing and dismissing technologies for plastic components to reduce the environmental impact during the life cycle of the product. Research is finalised to virtual design, polymers development, new moulding process with gas injection, innovative surface treatments. A continuous activity of industrial and environmental impact assessment will be carried out, in order to address the research, validate the results and give an orientation for future industrial implementation of the new technologies.
Concerning the cars market, the activity is focused on:
- to increase the competitiveness of Europe;
- to reduce the environmental impact;
- to improve the knowledge in all plastic chain applications (polymers-software-moulding- chromium-painting).

In the market research we had shown that the main increasing markets are outside the western world and unfortunately the people living there has not the possibility to buy medium or luxury cars. For this reason we think to obtain the same quality through saving costs; (in facilities dedicated units near car makers) in agreement with this the use of electrostatic and/or electrocondutictive polymers seems one of the solution. To reach this target all lab and samples will be involved in the project and we are confident to success in as we have a factory in Poland, we are working in Turkey and we are global supplier of the most important car makers GM-VW-FIAT-BMW.

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