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Highly efficient & flexible remote welding systems for advanced welded structures


The Project aims to an extended, sustainable and competitive use of remote laser welding systems promoting the development of competitive manufacturing procedures able to: reduce the requirements for assembly; increase up-gradability, flexibility and recovery of production equipment; shorten the design and the ramp up production time 'and TTM) by 20-30%; reduce the investments (up to 50%); make economically feasible, sustainable and eco-compatible an extended use of laser technologies. The Work-plan is mainly addressed to: define the industrial end users expectation; adapt and assess the remote welding techniques for two different applications integrating, within innovative production systems, advanced highly efficient remote welding systems including miniaturised high power scanning and assisting devices.
The project has developed and successfully tested two independent prototypes of a video content management system with advanced functionalities. The Commercial PRIMAVERA system integrates
·A image similarity search engine capable to search 1.3 millions of key frames within 3 seconds
·A conceptual search engine capable to search images within 4 categories and 8 attributed
·An advanced video analysis and indexing service capable of abstracting videos
·A Relevance Sphere visualization to display complex search results
·3D Infoscape visualization of Image search results under a common, easy to use, web based interface.
The Scientific PRIMAVERA system goes beyond this. It integrates all the features of the commercial system and adds collaborative and knowledge-sharing technologies such as·a user profiling and filtering system
·a knowledge sharing tool
·a team based and task oriented project management.
Both systems have been installed at a broadcasters archive and tested with large amounts of real-world data such as news contributions and documentaries.

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