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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Application service providers network


ASP-NET aims at developing an ASP network, which shall provide sophisticated resources and services for applications that have become critical to the successful operation of today's organisations. It will define and demonstrate a core technology platform that will allow for the seamless integration, interoperability and management of the many different applications or services that can be provided by a network of collaborating ASPs. Through the project, security aspects and remote service access via Internet and wireless communications shall also be addressed. Moreover, the ASP-NET project shall provide a qualification of the European ASP market and an online ASP directory thus enabling a greater understanding of the evolution of the market as well as the identification of both successful and unsuccessful business models.
In summary, the ASP-NET project has produced the following results:
1. A European ASP database and a qualitative survey on strategies and critical success factors of ASPs. Development of ASP business models and roadmaps for application service providers.
2. HR PSS: Software modules for integration with the PM and EM applications and the ASP platform. The Meta4 HR system manages a wide variety of information and processes on the employees in a company. This information, and the processes that act on it, are shared over the Web with different applications that could require them at any given time. The end result is a prototype that demonstrates that Meta4 PeopleNet is able to carry out this communication through the different web-services, and the possibility of integrating the product in an ASP platform.
3. PM PSS: Software modules for integration with HR and EM applications and the ASP platform. Web Services permit the existing application to expose some methods of the project management system and allow other applications to invoke them remotely.
4. EM PSS: Software modules for integration with HR and PM applications and the ASP platform. The E-Messaging application has been integrated with the other two applications (Project Management and Human Resource Management) through the ASP-NET platform, using Web Services as the main integration technique.
5. Remote access component of the PM application, which allows for maximum adaptability of the end user device, independent of device standard characteristics.
6. The ASP-NET integration and interoperability platform, which constitutes the operational and management infrastructure that enables the integration and interoperability of separate online applications.
7. The ASP-NET Service Provision and Management Platform, which collects and processes usage data and prepares accurate accounting information for provisioning, billing, performance and fault management. The management platform creates business information with the raw usage data collected from the Application Services and can be used to run management reports, monitor quality of service levels and feed business information into other systems such as decision support systems.
8. ASP Security Services. The Security system for ASP-NET is based on Web Services Security, which is security extension to SOAP messages and uses XML Digital signatures, XML encryption as well as SSL (https). The security system is made up of web services (authentication web service) for the ASP-NET system as well as between the ASP-NET applications). In addition, there are modules such as XML digital signatures and XML encryption, providing security services such as authentication, integrity and confidentiality. Also Public key infrastructure (PKI) is used for the whole ASP-NET system.
9. Gained know-how of the ASP market structure and the user requirements for outsourcing to an ASP. A best practice guide model that contains ASP and traditional services coupled with their associated costs. This knowledge can be used for the provision of consultancy services to prospective entrants to the ASP market as well as to companies that are thinking to outsource some of their business applications to ASPs. Technical know-how through the development of the ASP demonstrator system for the project. The three software vendors have gained expertise on the development of web services for the integration of their applications and the other development partners have gained significant expertise through the development of the integration and interoperability platform.

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