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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Eco-efficient stamping process of sheet metal parts by development of innovative coatings for self-lubricating dies


The proposal addresses two problems:
1: Providing efficient dies for rapid prototyping (rp);
2: eliminating the need for harmful liquid lubricants in stamping and deep drawing operations. Both will be solved by use of surface coatings. Dies for rp made from easily machined soft materials will be coated by hard coatings of sufficient rigidity and toughness to withstand forming pressures and these hard coated rp dies and also conventional dies and punches will be coated with wear resistant low friction solid lubricants eliminating the need for harmful oils, and providing improved lubrication, better productivity and better surface finish. The demands on the coatings are great but recent developments in hard and solid lubricant coatings indicate that with further development these aims can be realised. The project will lead to reduced time to market, substantial cost savings and environmental and health improvements.

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Hartlebury 290, Trading Estate, Hartlebury
United Kingdom

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