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Innovative thermo-mechanical prediction and optimisation methods for virtual prototyping of miniaturised electronic packages and assemblies


Integrated circuits play a vital role in ICT. The ongoing trend of miniaturisation and function integration is pushing technology from micro to nano scales. As a consequence, thermo-mechanical failures, accounting for 65% of the total failures and originating from the product/process design phase, will become even more critical Thus, innovative thermo-mechanical design of micro electronic packaging and assemblies, fivirtual thermo mechanical prototyping, is required to reduce cost and time-to-market and to design in reliability. The results will substantially enhance the efficiency, accuracy and capability of virtual thermo mechanical prototyping method. Exploitation will lead to improvement of thermo- mechanical reliability (1% higher yield) and reduced time-to market by at least 30%. This project consists of 4 scientific innovations verified by experiments including software, and virtual thermo mechanical prototyping as the technical innovation.

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