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A new concept for the economic wire-edm machining of high quality carbide tools


There is a need for more precise and fast production of carbide tools (punches) to be used for the mass production of geometrically complex and narrow toleranced sheet metal products (e.g. lead frames, motor laminates). Compare to grinding, the Wire-EDM machining process allows to make geometrically complex shapes, but the surface quality (thermal cracking,..) and precision is less good. The EDM2005 project aims the development of a new Wire-EDM machining concept, based on the use of alternative dieletrics, new high strength wires (e.g. coated steel wire) and more advanced generators. In combination with corrosion resistant carbide materials, this new machining technology will allow to produce punches with small radii and tight tolerances within a competitive time, leading to increased tool life (of the punches). In addition, a new test procedure will be developed for a fast and proper estimation of the tool life of a machined punch.

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