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A new technology for the correct orientat ion of components .


While the mounting of components and parts by means of automated techniques is an established and mature technology, the actual feeding of components to robots, pick-and -place, conveyors etc. relies on the use of orientors. The latter are still designed and manufactured without any established standards and the whole technology relies totally upon the craft manship of skilled artisans. This is highly unsatisfactory and entails unnecessary costs to many sectors of industry. The project will use state of the art software and precision mechanics to develop methods for the design and manufacture of orientators. This will remove the last aspect of mass-production that is not standardised and will create huge benefits to a very broad range of industries. The project will also improve on the noise level of orientations that at present is unacceptably high and causes distress to thousands of workers. The project will create both important new markets and employment across the EU.

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