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Continuous reactor/extractor for processing of solid materials with supercritical fluids (C-REX)


For many applications supercritical fluids can replace organic solvents. Continuous processing can greatly improve the economics of supercritical processes, but is so far restricted to fluid/fluid processes. This research project is aimed at the development of a new reactor/extractor (C-REX) in which solid materials can be handled in combination with supercritical fluids. The C-REX technology integrates unit operations such as sample pre-treatment, improved supercritical processing and related compound recovery into one continuous process. With C-REX many conventional, but also newly developed industrial processes that use organic solvents can be made suitable for the use of supercritical fluids. Initially, the project will be aimed at the application of supercritical fluids for extraction purposes. Later, the C-REX technology will be used for development of new processes using supercritical conditions, e.g. in the field of foaming, particle formation and chemical reaction.

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