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Methodology for optimisation of the making up for determination of cyclic and "frequential" times to create a database


One of the key factors to increase the competitiveness in the clothing industry into reduces the production costs. The aim of the project is, for each kind of work, to analyse each workstation (by operation type) to maximise their efficiency and reduce their production costs. This will be possible with a better utilisation of the equipment, accessories and materials, with the non-working times elimination, with a correct operators utilisation, reducing the non-necessary movements and displacement (80% of the sew operation time is passed doing manipulations and only 20% is sewing). After those analysis it will be possible to have the good method and time and keep that knowledge in a data base (times and pictures).A database with times and pictures is an easy and practice computerised tool to save know how and to have important information in real time. For each new model, it will be possible to make an operation plan very quickly, with very few new chronometers.

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