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Integrated and automated manufacturing process for furniture industry


The aim of the present project is that of creating a unified, cost-reducing, low-maintenance, flexible and user-friendly production system for furniture manufacturing, using the most advanced technologies available, in particular: integrated intelligence, software- supported control platforms, real-time programming and linear motors. The result of the project will be an integrated and automated production process for furniture manufacturing, replacing the expensive hardware solutions and manual assembling applied nowadays. In particular, the innovations brought by the projecting the manufacturing process will be:
1. An integrated managing system, based on common Windows NT environment,
2. The real-time integration of design and production by means of ad-hoc conversion procedures between Auto- CAD designs and machine-data generation,
3. A wireless information transmission system between the computers and the actuating machines,
4. Linear motors and integrated intelligence for the boring and assembling processes

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Via Brennero, 41
37020 Brentino Belluno

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United Kingdom
Stockport Road Unit 5 Hattersley Industrial Estate
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