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Technical development of open, economic and friendly system for the injection moulding process control


The objective of this Craft project is the development and implementation of an operating system which will enable us to create a modular multi-level architecture integrated and open control system, for injection. Moulding plastic machines, manufactured with low-cost standard components, to replace the hardwired systems currently in use. Similar to the evolution of personal computers, our aim is to develop a multi-level architecture modular system, with the objective of separating the hardware (injection-moulding) and the software (control) and permitting low-cost standard components (PLCs)a to be used. Such systems will be completely open (Windows environment) programmable, adaptable to the company's and/or customer's operating system, with a user-friendly environment that will be the same for all the company’s machines, in accordance with EUROMAP^b guidelines, and with minimum, affordable maintenance. An injection-moulding machine is a system useful to perform a series of automatic operations. It dispense the material through the turn of a screw, inject and compact the material through a forward movement of a screw and finally open and release the piece through programmable movements of an interlocking device.

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