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Content archived on 2024-05-23

Innovative gres porcellanato tiles processing


The project aims to produce coated Gres Porcellanato tiles (GPt). GPt are very dense products and, for this reason, they are very robust and almost completely waterproof. However, GPt are quite expensive products because of the relative high amount of raw materials required, their fairly high price, the high temperature required for firing and the post-firing finishing procedures. In brief, the project consists of depositing a film of GPt composition onto lower cost biscuit tiles. This process presents several advantages over the traditional methods:
(i) The aesthetic, mechanical and waterproof characteristics of the coated GPt will not be affected, while the overall price of the product will be significantly lower.
(ii) The colouring of the tile is limited at the film only. In this way, the amount of expensive and unhealthy pigment required is reduced.
(iii) The surface of the film is intended to be very smooth and reflecting after firing, in order to avoid the environmental unfriendly polishing step.

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