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Light weight valves for high efficient engines (LIVALVES)


There is a need to improve car engine efficiency and reduce fuel consumption in order to comply with Kyoto agreement on CO2 emissions reduction. This project aims at reducing CO2 emissions up to 10%, car engine noise up to 18 dB at 3000 rpm, fuel consumption up to 10%, and at recycling 100% of materials used. This will be achieved by developing new cost effective and reliable lightweight valves for gasoline engines, obtaining at least 50% of weight saving, and minimising the dynamic problems and the valve train power dissipation. Moreover, these valves will make possible the use of electromechanical valve actuation mechanisms that will further improve the engine efficiency.
The expected results are:
- a set of materials for light weight components,
- new designs guidelines for light weight valves and cost effective manufacturing routes,
- machining and coatings processes.
The results could be extended to Diesel and CNG applications.

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