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Safe floating offshore structures under impact loading of shipped green water and waves (SAFE-FLOW)


Offshore exploration and production of oil and gas makes increasingly use of floating offshore structures, such as Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) systems and drill ships. Operational experience with FPSOs in European waters has shown that regularly damage occurs due to the problems of 'green water' that flows onto the deck in high waves and due to waves impacting on the hull. Because oil and gas activities bear a high risk for environment and personnel, the main objective of the SAFE-FLOW project is to improve the safety, reliability and availability of floating offshore structures under impact loading of green water and waves.
A new design technology will be developed, consisting of :
- design and operational guidance
- calculation methods (in a design evaluation tool and a numerical simulation tool)
- risk assessment procedures (qualitative and quantitative)
- recommendations for new standards (rules/regulations) for floating offshore structures

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