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Lighter and safer automotive 3d-structures at low investments through the development of the innovative double sheets hydroforming technology


European Commission and the European car industry agreed to address research activities to the reduction of CO2 emissions by 30% in 10 years time and to increase passenger safety. This project is perfectly in line with this objective because it is addressed at solving the problem of reducing the vehicle weight and increasing its safety at sustainable cost, through the development of an innovative technology at low investments costs, named Double sheets hydro forming, together with innovative high strength aluminium and steel sheets materials which will permit to design completely new concepts of high performance vehicle body structures. In case of project success, this technology, suitable for low volumes productions, has the potentiality to become the leader technology for the development of auto body structure such as side frames, engine cradles, etc., but also to be easily spread to other sectors (furniture, domestic appliances, etc.).

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