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Utilising innovative unconventional air-cushion/air-lubrication techniques in combination with approved catamaran hull configuration, EFFISES set project goals beyond EU-level in most of KA's, for improvements in fuel and hull efficiency, improved performance, reduced emissions, wash/ wake and other environmental aspects. The consortium base the demanding project requirements and goals on resonantly conducted scientifical pre-studies/tests showing remarkable improvements over conventional hulls. Contradictory to most fast vessel developments EFFISES will use new technology with significantly higher potential for development and optimisation. Development of innovative propulsion and lifting fan /"air-management" systems, as well as new design tools - virtual reality (VR) and advanced CFD - will be included. Human / learning aspects will be addressed through innovative VR-programs. Thirteen partners from nine European countries, leading names alongside SME's will contribute to achieve a breakthrough in fast passenger and cargo ship designs.

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