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Improvement of the sliding of piston rings in combustion engines by texturing micro-pores with a laser technology


Nowadays, the reduction of the fuel consumption and of environmental pollution has become a great consideration for manufacturers of 2 and 4 stroke combustion engines. Improving the engine efficiency is a way to reduce fuel consumption. This can be performed by reducing as much as possible the friction at the interface piston rings/cylinder liner. This project aims at texturing piston rings with micro-pores with a laser technology to improve the sliding. With this technique, a thin film of oil is maintained as the engine works, which reduces strongly friction. The main objectives of the project are to define a theoretical surface to obtain, to validate it, to adapt a laser equipment to piston rings application, to texture different piston rings for different kinds of engines (ships, cars) and to validate the technology.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


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