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Support to 4th european conference on turbomachinery, fluid dynamics and thermodynamics


Objective of the proposal is the support of the 4^th European Conference on Turbo machinery Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics. This is the fourth Conference of a two-years cycle conference started in 1995 in Erlanger (Germany). The Conference cover all aspects of the Turbo machinery design and operation in order to address and improve the best technological level in the Turbo machinery design (product) and therefore in the operation as process of energy conversion/propulsion. The Conference want, through a rigorous review process (at least 3 independent review for each paper), obtain an high level of scientific quality in order to offer and stimulate the best European intellectual capability in the fired of the crucial equipment involved in the Energy Conversion and propulsion.


3,Via Santa Marta 3
50139 Firenze