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Crashworthiness of helicopter on water: design of structures using advanced simulation tools


The objective of the project is to develop a set of simulation tools and design methodology, which permit cost effective design and entry-into-service of crashworthy (including impact on water) helicopters. In support of this the simulation tools that either do not exist or need significant improvements will be developed so that they are capable of more accurately handling complex response of metal and composite materials and fluid structure interaction in the water impact analysis problem. This will include:
- strain rate dependent orthotropic metal and composite material models,
- features for modelling typical structural joints used on helicopters (e.g. riveted joints, bolts joints, etc),
- capability to model fluid structure interaction in helicopters impact on water,
- new design 'philosophy' and a simulation supported design methodology for crashworthiness in impacts on water.
Through this project European helicopters industry will acquire a better and more effective design capability and gain an international advantage with respect to US industry. Furthermore, this would lead to transfer and exchange of new technology between project partners.

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