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Oxidation resistant al and ptal diffusion coatings with improved oxidation and thermomechanical fatigue life


Turbine blades of aero engines are coated for oxidation protection. New Al and PtAl diffusion coatings shall be developed with improved and balanced oxidation life and mechanical performance. Coating composition, structure and defects will be modified and active elements will be incorporated. The environmentally friendly, safe and cheap out-of-pack process will be further developed to produce the new coatings without expensive heat treatment. Active elements shall be included simultaneously with aluminising. Oxidation and mechanical properties will be investigated. Basic understanding will be gained to give guidelines for coating and process development. New coatings will be tested in demonstrator engine and on-wing. The partners are involved in research, design, production, repair and Use of aero-engines and come from 6 countries. They are qualified to transfer the technology to industrial use.

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