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Light-weight low-cost surface protection for advanced aircraft structures


LiSA supports the EU policy that the European aircraft industry should be a credible counterweight to the US. It will develop a novel testing methodology and surface protection systems that
(1) simplify manufacturing to reduce production costs,
(2) use light-weight coatings to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs,
(3) are environment-friendly to reduce waste, production and maintenance costs, and improve health and working conditions, and
(4) provide a major step for a new European validation process. LiSA will
(a) determine anti-corrosion mechanisms,
(b) develop a Cr-independent test methodology,
(c) develop and understand light-weight, Cr-free paint systems, and
(d) develop one-layer surface protection systems of light weight and for easier assembly. The deliverables are a 2-weeks suitability and a 3-months validation test, a low-weight pretreatment and paint, a one-layer protection, and a demonstrator.

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