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Aircraft wing advanced technology operations


We are currently experiencing a tremendous increase of some 5% per year in worldwide air traffic. To cope with this, the future environment of transport aircraft will be defined by new requirements: more stringent noise regulations, fees or limitations on gaseous emissions, new air traffic management, strong increase of aircraft frequency, and increased demand for passenger comfort. The design of a new aircraft has to take these requirements into account by applying new technologies; existing aircraft may be retrofitted with such technologies. Within this project, the application and especially the integration of these technologies on aircraft level will be demonstrated by flight tests on a large flying test bed. To do so, basic work on ground is needed, by wind tunnel tests, rig tests and aircraft ground tests. Within three technical work packages of this project, the far field around an aircraft (e.g. vortex hazard reducing services), the near field impact (e.g. large winglets), and flow and load control (e.g. adaptive elements) will be addressed. In an integrative work package, flight clearance, harmonised ground test and flight test programmes and the effect of single technologies and their combination on aircraft level will be investigated.

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