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Small airport laser visual aid guidance equipment


SALVAGE aims at designing a system from laser techniques, able to generate visual cues in order to enhance landing capabilities in poor visibility conditions on small air-fields, mainly general aviation airports. SALVAGE Exploratory Award (EXA) aims at confirming: the preliminary tests results of its technical principle and the needs for such a system. The EXA will allow to assess the system level of safety, reliability, availability suitable for implementation and to evaluate the potential market versus the final product procurement cost. The EXA will help in the elaboration of a partnership able to submit a Step 2 RTD project propos and to undertake, implement and market the RTD results. SALVAGE EXA is from SMEs idea, the Step2 proposal will remain an SME led and oriented proposal. The SALVAGE research and technical development (RTD) will be undertaken in order to finally, validate operability of visual cues materialized by green laser beams : glide slopes, localizer indication as well as guidance means on the runway. The general goal of SALVAGE is to give general aviation the capability to perform CAT I and probably CAT II landings without onboard specific equipment. Large airports will benefit too from SALVAGE principle to improve runway traffic (take off and taxiing) in very bad weather conditions, less than 75m runway visual range.

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