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Development of alumina forming ods ferritic superalloys as new biomaterials for surgical implant (ALUSI)


The aim of this project is to develop aluminum forming alloys (Fe-Cr-Al-Y203) with improved wear resistance as new biomaterials for surgical implants (hip/knee). The proposal is based on their unique capability to develop a fine but hard, dense, and very well adherent alpha-alumina layer by thermal oxidation. The starting material is a commercial alloy designed for high temperature applications. Thus this project gives priority to optimize its processing, in order to get the correct texture (low Young's Modulus and small grain size), the composition, and the thermal oxidation conditions. Mechanical characterization of developed alloys includes tensile, compressive, fatigue, and wear tests simulating joint wearing conditions. Bio-compatibility is assessed by corrosion experiments in simulated human fluids and cell culture on solid specimens. The influence of wear debris and ions release on the cell culture will also be investigated.

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