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Superstrong transparent alumina ceramics for energy-efficient lighting (STARELIGHT)


The main objective is the development of significantly improved alumina ceramics with an extremely reduced grain size, having the following properties: very high mechanical strength (approx. 700 MPa instead of approx. 300 MPa now), high transparency (conventional alumina ceramics is only translucent or opaque), improved corrosion resistance (e.g. against metal halides), having a complex hollow shape (now only cylindrical shapes are possible). The improved material will solve problems in existing applications (e.g. metal halide lamps) and will lead to new applications such as scratch-resistant windows for bar-code scanners (now sapphire). Metal halide lamps with improved alumina ceramics will enable to replace energy-wasting halogen lamps on a larger scale which is not possible now. This can lead to substantial energy savings up to 7 billion KWh in Europe which correspond to one big power station of 4.5 million tons CO2.

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