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Joining dissimilar materials and composites by friction stir welding (JOIN-DMC)


Friction Stir Welding (FSW) technology will be developed for joining of dissimilar materials and composites through a generic, research-oriented project focusing on three material combinations. The materials selected for evaluation are industrially relevant combinations but are also representative of classes of dissimilar materials. In the first phase of the project, trial welds will be manufactured for each material combination, allowing key material and process issues to be identified. The objective is to establish a systematic understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with FSW for each material combination. In the second phase, additional joints will be manufactured using a white range of process conditions. Assessment of key metallurgical and mechanical aspects of the welds combined with modeling of FSW, will allow a set of "process guidelines" to be established for each material combination. These guidelines, which are based on fundamental principles, can then be used to gauge the appropriate welding conditions for other dissimilar materials. The knowledge gained will also be applied to the commercially important topic of weld repair using FSW techniques.
A research matrix review, assembling the information collected in the preliminary joining of the dissimilar and composite materials trial runs, including weld integrity assessment on the mechanical and metallurgical properties which covered monotonic tensile testing, location of failure, microhardness profiles across the welds, chemical identification of alloy phases, defect characterization, and residual stresses measurements on the surfaces along tracks crossing over the welded region, has been provided. The integrated understanding of both materials and process parameters influence on them is paramount for the modelling objectives of the project.

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