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Predictive 3d micro-model simulations for monitor lcds (MONLCD)


To keep and extend Europe's knowledge in the field of active-matrix liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) we will develop a method to improve the quality in terms of transmission efficiency, viewing angle and speed. The functional opto-electronic materials in these devices are liquid crystals (LCs). Several LC effects can be applied in displays. Beforehand it is not clear which effect is the most useful. We will do predictive calculations based upon three dimensions (3D) going much further than the state of the art with only one-dimensional tools. A major step forward results from full 3D finite-element modeling of the director pattern and a 3D description of the optics and the ion distribution. Prototype software based will be used to obtain theoretical results and to compare them with experiments. Based on the above findings LCD test displays will be made. It is our intention to use them as starting points for further development of new monitor displays.

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