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Postpone polymer processing instabilities (3PI)


The objective of the 3PI project is to develop a rational approach to link the viscoelastic properties of the polymer, the boundary conditions at the die wall and the processing conditions to the appearance and the development of the flow instabilities. This rational approach will result in software codes which will be able to provide guidelines for polymer producers and for polymer converters and machinery equipment industry to modify the polymer, the die geometry and (or) the die material in order to overcome (postpone) these instabilities. This will allow polymer producers to reduce by 10% the time to market for a polymer dedicated to a specific process. This will allow polymer converters to postpone polymer processing instability by 20% (which means increasing the flow rate at which defects are appearing by 20%).

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Association pour la Recherche et le Développement des Méthodes et Processus Industriels - ARMINES
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