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Improved photon efficient cathodes with applications in biological luminescence (IMPECABLE)


The primary aim is to enhance the performance of photo cathode detection by from x2 for UV /blue light to ~x15 to 30 in the red/NIR region, and also extend operation to longer wavelengths. Such major advances are predicted to be feasible from detailed theoretical modeling of absorption by the dielectric window and cathode layer combination. A micro-structured substrate/cathode interface can be designed to achieve ~100% absorption across the spectral range. The global project steps are first to fabricate the requisite ridge and cone structures and then incorporate them into demonstration photo multiplier, intensifier and imaging tubes. Secondary targets include faster tube response and higher manufacturing yield. The urgent demands for better sensors in the red/NIR region stem from very recent biological and medical luminescence in fields of cancer, Alzheimer and gene sequencing, etc. Improved response will benefit and extend use in current fields, such as remote sensing for agriculture.

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